Green Party Borough hopefuls back ‘Better Swindon’ Principles

At the Swindon Area Green Party meeting on 11th February 2014, meeting attendees made the decision that the local party would adhere to the principles of Better Swindon.

The adoption of these principles was reported in the Swindon Advertiser on 18th March 2013.

Below is the full press release relating to the adoption of the Better Swindon principles by the Swindon Area Green Party.

Dated 14th March 2014
Swindon’s Green Party has agreed to adopt the stated Principles of ‘Better Swindon’, a local cross-party group which seeks to improve standards politically in the Borough.

The local Green party will be fielding candidates in most of the contested wards across the Swindon area, in May’s local elections. They expect all of their prospective candidates to meet Better Swindon’s ethical standards. Swindon Area Greens believe they are the first local party to do this, and hope others will follow suit.

“The standards demanded by ‘Better Swindon’ are really just the sort of decent, straightforward behaviour I think we all expect of our elected representatives,” said Talis Kimberley, one of the party’s prospective candidates.

“It should concern the Council that people feel that ideals like ‘open discussion and shared decision making’ or ‘acting with integrity and being accountable’ even need to be spelled out.”

“Swindon Greens intend to hold all of our prospective candidates to the standards Better Swindon set out. To that end we’ve adopted those standards as a party. We’re extremely glad that ‘Better Swindon’ has been formed, and think that it has an important part to play in opening up the local political scene, and inspiring all of our local politicians to behave respectfully and fairly at all times.”

Another of the Better Swindon Principles is ‘Transforming the relationship between the Council and the community to one of equality, trust and respect’.

“The Green Party believe that that’s not too much to ask. Come May’s elections, we’d like to add a Green voice to the Council to help uphold those ideals.”