Eastcott - Andy Bentley

Andy has lived in Swindon for the last twelve years with his two children, a daughter in her first year of university and a son in his second year of GCSEs. He works as an IT security consultant.

He became involved in local politics because he believes that each of us should try and make the world a better place, if only a little.

Andy is a strong believer in more co-operation in politics. He represents the Green Party on the Swindon Housing Action Campaign (SHAC) and on the steering group for the Lydiard Park Heritage Trust, in each case working with a variety of political parties, campaign groups and individuals each working to make a difference in Swindon. Andy is also a member of the Swindon Climate Action Network.

He is strongly opposed to the government’s austerity agenda, and the devastating effect it is having on local council services. He believes the Council should be taking its case to Westminster, but that the majority Conservative group on the Council actually support the cuts.

For all its talk of “engagement” and “consultation” Andy fears that the Council is pressing ahead with plans to sell off Lydiard, to impose Parish Councils (cutting services while raising Council taxes at the same time), to defund the libraries and continue to cut services wherever they can. They’ve made up their minds and are pressing on with a few meetings as a bit of window dressing.

In Andy’s own words… “I grew up in a council house, went to school in a comprehensive school run by the local authority, borrowed books from the public library to help with my homework and introduce me to the wondrous worlds of Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke among others. I was the first in my family to ever dream of going to university. Although both my parents worked, it was only because I got a full grant that I was able to go. Without these things I would not be who I am today, and I will fight to give others the same opportunities in life that I have had.”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreenAndy1965 Twitter:https://twitter.com/andybentley1965