Haydon Wick - Dr Andrew Francis

Andrew Francis lives in Haydon Wick, is a published writer and broadcaster, serves as a Governor of Isambard Community School and is a local allotmenteer. In retirement, he has served as an adviser about voluntary sector governance to regional and national charities, housing providers as well as local and neighbourhood groups. He still chairs or serves as a panel member for statutory, such as the NHS, and voluntary sector Hearings.

Dr. Francis says ‘The Green Party provide a real alternative for every voter to the usual Punch-and-Judy politics. We believe in protecting frontline public services, including libraries, whilst working to create vibrant, sustainable neighbourhoods to help boost the local economy. We need to continually improve the availability of inexpensive public transport, maintain quality free education-for-all whilst supporting our Manifesto pledge to improve public health by supporting better NHS and social care delivery. Locally, we need to only build carbon-neutral housing, whilst increasing the percentage of social housing stock and improving tenants’ rights across SBC’.

Andrew Francis is a published poet, regular conference speaker and formerly worked for ACAS (industrial mediation), as a BBC editor and nearly thirty years as a Christian minister. Among his several books are those on social policy, e.g. housing, food consumption etc., biography and Christian thinking. His 2017 book examines how economic and ecological issues inter-relate. He says ‘Local elections are not about self-interest, but enriching our community and town for the common good’.