Rodbourne Cheney - Rod Hebden

Rod Hebden has lived in Swindon for ten years and is a resident of Rodbourne Cheney. An active member of Rodbourne Cheney Residents Association, Rod has worked for the Science Museum, the National Trust, and the UK Space Agency in the Swindon and loves the culture and history of the town

Rod joined the Green Party to fight for the rights of people to a fairer, greener and more sustainable country. Our government has chosen to fight for the rich at the expense of ordinary, hardworking people, whilst Labour and the LibDems have failed to hold them to account.

Rod believes that ‘austerity’ is a political choice, not an economic necessity, and the choices that have been made have allowed the wealthiest in our country to shrug off their responsibilities to the environment and to society. If elected to Swindon Borough Council, Rod would stand up for the people of Rodbourne Cheney, not just toe a party line.

Rod is standing in the local elections to give people a chance to say no to our broken two-party system, and say yes to a Swindon which works for the common good.