Shaw - Ken Kimber

Ken has lived in Shaw for over 20 years. He has worked in schools in Swindon and Wiltshire as a special needs teacher. He is an active Trades Unionist, and a passionate supporter of the Arts.

He joined the Green Party 2 years ago when he realised that he shared its commitment to a fair and more sustainable society. He believes that the Green Party is the real opposition to the Government, “It is only the Green Party that is opposing austerity measures and the privatisation of the Health Service. It is only the Green Party that is proposing real action on climate change. It is only the Green Party that has a vision of a fair, just and equal society.”

Like many other Shaw residents, he has been appalled by the housing development that ignores the wishes of local people, and the proposals for road development that will do nothing to reduce congestion and road safety. He has been dismayed by the selling off of our local leisure facilities and Lydiard Park to private companies. He believes that Swindon needs its first Green voice on the council.