St Margaret and South Marston - Howard March

I moved to Stratton about twenty years ago and I have raised a family here. I never thought I would be involved in politics, but eventually I decided to join a political party because nobody who was standing for election came even near representing my views; the only choice was always Labour or Conservative with very similar policies. I chose the Green Party because they sounded to me like the voice of common sense.

If I was elected as a Green Party councillor, I would be able to bring a new perspective to council meetings. It can be difficult to see the relevance of environmental policies to a mainly urban area, but the key issue is sustainability. Our council always seem to be focused on short term results with no consideration of the longer term effects. I believe Swindon has great potential that could be fulfilled with a constructive approach. I would hope to be able to encourage councillors to work together for the good of Swindon, rather than just reflecting national politics.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to offer an alternative to politics as usual for Swindon, and I hope that many St Margaret & South Marston residents will agree with me that it is time for a change.