Wroughton and Wichelstowe - Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn

Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn has lived in Wroughton for ten years. A songwriter and musician, she’s also worked for a Legal Aid solicitor’s practice. Songwriting led Talis to find her voice addressing environmental issues and our country’s raging social injustice.

“Those now in charge seem intent on taking from us every community asset and service. Libraries are under threat, childrens’ centres have already closed, and leisure and heritage amenities are increasingly being handed over to for-profit companies. Our communities are being asset-stripped while we watch. We’re not a poor country; we shouldn’t swallow the lie that we can’t afford these things anymore. Choices are being made which are not to the benefit of the people of Swindon.”

Talis is passionate about human-scale solutions and community engagement, having volunteered at Swindon’s Repair Cafe, local schools, and local events including helping fundraise for the successful Kings Farm Wood appeal. The Swindon Advertiser said of her neighbourly ‘Compost Buddies’ scheme that it showed she was: “…the sort of person most neighbourhoods could do with many more of.”

Talis created the popular Wroughton Facebook group as an online local noticeboard; she’s been active in the ‘Save Swindon’s Libraries’ campaign, and is always keen to encourage and positive community actions and ways to share, and to reduce waste.

Talis was elected in 2015 as an independent Parish councillor and is a former Chair. She was the Green Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for Swindon South in 2015.