Local Policies

The Swindon Area Green Party have adopted the following local policies:

Protecting Swindon’s Parks and Leisure Facilities

We believe public parks and leisure facilities currently owned by Swindon Borough Council should continue to be run by Swindon Borough Council, or a not-for-profit organisation, for the benefit of Swindon residents. In addition to this, no not-for-profit organisation should hold a lease to run these facilities for more than 25 years.

Renewable Energy Sources for Swindon

We are in favour of renewable energy sources being placed on brownfield sites unless there was a good reason not to have them placed on such sites. In reference to the proposed Wroughton Airfield Solar Park, we believe there are many excellent reasons for the construction of the Wroughton solar farm to go ahead and no viable reasons why this project should be postponed or cancelled.

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